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Easy Sunday Yoga & Yin Yoga op ZONDAG 

PUUR genieten! Een zondag heeft iets magisch!
Alles is stiller
, alles is rustiger, alles mag kalmer,... tijd om te herbronnen.

Kom en ervaar op zondag Easy Sunday Yoga om 9u30 en Zalige Yin Yoga om 10u45

Class will be teached in English
"Open your body and mind with Easy Sunday Yoga and release all tensions through our body"

Welcome to our EASY SUDAY YOGA.
We will start our practice with relaxation, to find a better connection with ourself, to notice how we feel and to observe the sensations in our body and mind. Then we will take a moment to focus on the breathing, very important process, which helps to deliver oxygen to our organs, cells and creates energy in our body.
And then we will EASY move to our yoga practice.
Every Sunday we will put our focus to different parts of our body, we will work on our flexibility, strength and concentration. During this practice we will listen our body and accept ourselves.
This is a perfect way to finish the weekend and be ready for coming week and take it EASY.

Afterwards you can join me for an hour of Yin Yoga where we give our body the time to stretch and give space to breath. 

Yin Yoga bestaat uit een reeks grondoefeningen die 3 tot 5 minuten aangehouden worden.

Deze vorm stimuleert bindweefsel, ligamenten en kraakbeen, belangrijk om de maximale bewegingsvrijheid in gewrichten te behouden.


Dit kan je niet bereiken met de meer actieve, yang yogastijlen die de spieren versterken en verlengen.

Yin yoga geeft je de tijd om elk aspect van je lichaam te voelen. In het moment zijn, in je lichaam, in de ruimte en in je gevoel.

Looking forward to meet you on Sunday morning,


Hatha Yoga docente.

-> Voor iedereen toegankelijk.

• What Agata want to achieve witch teaching yoga?
By teaching yoga I would like to help other people to feel better physically and mentally. Yoga is not about how we look in the pose, but how we feel in the pose. It should be steady and comfortable for us. It is my goal to teach my students to find balance and to be motivated to improve in daily life.
Every yoga session will end with relaxation and it is a perfect moment to connect with yourself and release the stress and tension all over the body and mind.

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