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Yoga Nidra

Loslaten in ontspanning.


Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep.


Letterlijk betekent Yoga Nidra ‘yogaslaap’. Maar in tegenstelling tot wat de naam doet vermoeden, heeft het niets met slapen te maken.

Tijdens Yoga Nidra is je bewustzijn tussen waken en slapen, een staat die je normaal gesproken alleen bereikt in je diepe slaap.

Eén sessie Yoga Nidra staat gelijk aan vier uur slaap. Daarom voel je je na Yoga Nidra verfrist en uitgerust.


Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique, where the student comes into the deep states of mindful relaxation. It is mostly practiced lying down in Savasana (relaxing yoga pose) with a teacher guiding the session. The practice brings our attention inwards, and we learn to stay between the states of awareness and sleep. When this happens, our breath becomes in balance, brain activity decreases and the body goes in the healing mode.

The research says that one hour of Yoga Nidra can give the same benefit of a four hours sleep.

Yoga Nidra is recommended for those who suffers from sleeping problems, trauma, burn-out and anxiety. It is also highly beneficial for anyone who wants to experience a deeper sense of peace and connect more deeply with themselves.

There is a lot of benefits of regular practice of Yoga Nidra.

Reduces stress

With the regular practice of Yoga Nidra we can calm our nrvous system, which deeply benefits our brain and body.

Improves concentration

During Yoga Nidra, we practice to stay focused on the instructions of the teacher and move the awareness to the different parts of the body and feel the sensations. It is typical, that at the beginning of the practice thousands of different thoughts come to our mind. But gradually, with regular practice, we can stay with the instructions longer and longer and the mind starts to distract less and less.

Improve memory

Throughout the practice of Yoga Nidra, we develop our ability to be focussed and to be concentrated. We also improve our ability to recall information and we increase our memory. As our subconscious gets rid of unnecessary information, we make a space in our mind and our subconscious becomes more active and clearer.

Healing and rejuvenation of the body

With the practice of Yoga Nidra the body functions become minimal. Our metabolism slows down and the hormonal function increases. It means that the body has a chance to rebuild and remove the toxins out of our system.

class will be teached in English by Agata - Hatha & Nidra Yoga docent

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